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Tips on Choosing Corporate Gift Ideas for Men

Posted on 11 May 2020 in Corporate Gifts

Many people struggle with gifts for Men generally. For years, they have been considered an enigma. Gifts for men tend to be extremely niche, which can make it seem difficult to find the right gift for a man you don’t have a personal relationship with. When it comes to corporate gifts in particular, the difficulty is amplified. Suddenly you need to consider details like, “What if he’s allergic to nuts?” or “Doesn’t he have enough pens as it is?”

You may not even have any ideas to begin with. This article is here to help you with some of the most creative corporate gift ideas for men in 2020. Whether it’s for an executive of your company, a manager, employee or a loyal, long-term client, a corporate gift always has to be impressive and thoughtful.  The corporate gifts on this list are curated to give you ideas that are meaningful, aesthetically pleasing, useful and an overall pleasure to receive!



Grooming Kits
Grooming kits often include small sample sizes of several grooming products, or a few full-sized versions. Goodies inside a grooming kit can include luxury shaving cream, beard trimming tools and even men’s manicure sets.

A grooming kit can also be themed. For example, there are beard grooming kits which might include a beard brush or comb, beard oil and other tools specifically for beard care. They can also be themed around self-care items like face masks, scrubs and body butters. Don’t make the mistake of assuming pampering gifts are just for women; they’re often a hit with men, too!

Embossed Wallets and Cardholders
Every man needs a high-quality wallet or cardholder, making this the perfect sophisticated corporate gift idea. Try to go for the best quality materials, such as genuine leather, and add a special touch. This could be a note on a card inside the wallet, the recipient’s name or initials embossed or engraved onto the wallet, or a gift card that fits perfectly into one of the wallet slots.

Business Cardholders
Business cardholders are particularly good gifts for executives or high-level management. These are the kinds of recipients that are likely to attend numerous networking events or find opportunities for new clients and partnerships all the time. Have them keep their business cards in a sleek, personalized cardholder that ensures the cards are safe, clean and all the more professional!

Whiskey Gift Sets
If he’s a whiskey connoisseur then this one is a no-brainer. Find a fine whiskey blend that is presented in a crate or an elegant box for that special finishing touch. And since it is a set and not just a bottle of fine alcohol, pair it with other luxurious items. A cigar, set of whiskey tumblers or even gourmet dark chocolate will take the gift from basic to perhaps the best gift he’s received in a while. Reserve this kind of sophisticated gift for momentous events, such as for an executive parting with the company, or for the founder of a company on the business’s tenth year anniversary.

Fancy pens
Pens are not an uncommon corporate gift idea, and they can be a good one, too. There’s something extremely impressive about a luxury pen presented in a stunning case. Some popular brands that make incredible pens include Montblanc, Parker, IDEAPOOL, Pilot and Cross Edge. Of course this kind of corporate gift is better suited for one with a penchant for collecting pens, but it is also a gift that anyone could (and indeed should) appreciate. With so many contracts to be signed and cheques to be paid, there’s really no need to explain why this would be a good and memorable corporate gift.

Utility knives
If he’s known to be an adventurer and a lover of the outdoors, or the kind of man who always has a story to tell about a weekend camping trip, a utility knife will be both useful and special to him. Take this gift to the next level by having it engraved with a significant detail like his initials, or present it in a small wooden box that he can store other utilities in. See? Even the seemingly ordinary and common gifts can be made unique.

Grill Sets
Grill sets are a wonderful non-work-related surprise. If he’s known as the grill master in his family, or he’s always looking forward to the weekend barbecue with the ones closest to him, then a grill set is the way to go. Grill sets often include multiple grilling tools like tongs and spatulas, but they can also be made extra-special with a personalized apron or an acclaimed cookbook.

Flasks and Travel Mugs
Need we explain? Keep him fueled throughout the day with a high-quality flask and travel mug. Whether he’s between internal meetings or on his way out of the office for a presentation elsewhere, a flask or travel mug will make the act of coffee-drinking that much simpler!

The suave, fashion-conscious man will love a pair of new cufflinks! In the corporate world, looking good and feeling good are not just a massive part of the culture, but they also play a role in building the confidence to do more and be more. Encourage an attitude of sophistication and success by sending a small but thoughtful token like a pair of cufflinks. It’s the new age replacement for a tie as a gift!

Savory gift baskets
When all is said and done, the simplest and most timeless corporate gifts involve gourmet food. Put together a savory basket of some of his favorite treats, like beef jerky, crisps and gourmet popcorn. Nothing beats an office snack between back-to-back meetings, and he’ll certainly be thankful to be covered in that department.

So, there you have it. Finding the perfect corporate gift for a man doesn’t have to give you a headache. All you have to do is keep it simple and thoughtful while striving to add value. Go for gifts that he can eat, drink, use or rely on to make sure that you make a lasting impression on that client, boss or employee!


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