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Farewell Corporate Gifts for Colleagues

Posted on 11 May 2020 in Occasions,Corporate Gifts

It always comes. That moment when a long-standing colleague lets everyone known that their tenure has come to end. This news might be met with gasps, sore hearts, good wishes and sometimes even joy (it happens). If they’re going to have a little farewell get-together, or the company would just like to spoil them with a parting gift, then you might be considering some appropriate farewell corporate gifts for them. Ideally, a farewell gift will be one that is a lasting reminder of their time at the company, and with the colleagues they’ve built solid relationships with. They may simply be on their way to greener pastures, or finally retiring after years of hard work. Whatever it is, they deserve a gift that’ll bring back happy thoughts about their past, and inspirational thoughts for the future. Here are some unique farewell gifts for colleagues.

Water Bottle
For the gym, their work desk and their commute to and from the office, a water bottle is a sure way to add value to their day-to-day, even though you’re not a part of it anymore. While a water bottle might seem like a mundane farewell corporate gift, it’s quite the opposite. Make it an even more personal gesture by having the bottle personalized with their name, and a joint message from the team in a beautiful design. Often, the smallest gifts can mean the most when they involve a little thought and effort.

Photo Frame
Let them hold onto the special moments they had with the team by getting them a unique photo frame with a photo of the team at a memorable event. Since personalization is a major gifting trend at the moment (because it is more meaningful and provides opportunities to turn an otherwise ordinary item into an incredible gift), it’s an awesome idea to have the photo frame printed or engraved with a special message of well wishes for their future. Whether they decide to put it on their desk in their new workplace, or keep it at home where they can always appreciate it, this is certainly a gift that will touch their heart for years to come.



Inspirational Plaque
Give them all the motivation they need going forward with a plaque that holds some words of wisdom. This is the perfect ‘desk décor’ for their new space! Not only will it remind them of the awesome times they had while they worked with you, but if the message is inspirational enough, it’ll keep them going at their new place of work, and everywhere else thereafter. An inspirational plaque is a long-lasting gift that will continue to impact them long after it has been given.

Custom Bobble Head
Okay, hear us out. A custom bobble head, made in their likeness, will definitely get a few laughs out of them, and it’ll be a great conversational piece. Quite honestly, a humorous gift is the best way to stay in someone’s heart. This could be placed in their car the traditional way, or it could be a souvenir that makes its home on their desk. Either way, it is a fun and light-hearted gift that’ll make their last memories at the company worthwhile, and remind them why they loved working there in the first place.

Cake… With a Special Touch
Sometimes a sweet treat is all it takes to let them know that they were a valuable part of the team. Get an entire specially baked for them, with a fun and quirky message in the form of the cake decoration. The cake could either be part of the farewell party you throw for them, to be shared with the rest of attendees, or an actual gift that they can take home and enjoy with the ones they love.

Gift Card
If you’d like to give them a little freedom in choosing their own ‘surprise’ go for a gift card from one of their favorite stores, or give them an experience. It could be a gift card that lets them pick up a few special items from a shop, an appointment for a spa day, or even an adventure like a hot air balloon ride. The greatest thing about gift cards, apart from the fact that they exist for almost everything, is that they are flexible. The recipient can choose to enjoy their gift whenever they want to, which makes it all the easier to savor.

Gin Kit
“If they can’t drink with you anymore, they should drink to you”. Make it a cheerful farewell with a gin kit that includes all they need for weekend sundowners. Gin kits are a relatively new and trendy gift idea that often includes different blends of gin and some infusions like dried fruits, spices, herbs and other botanicals. They even go as far as including other bar accessories like shakers, gin glasses and cocktail strainers. If you want your farewell gift to be fun (and to give them the opportunity to create even more memories going forward) then a boozy gift set should certainly do the trick. Gin kits are often incredibly appealing in the appearance and presentation, so you can be sure that this is the kind of farewell gift that will impress them from start to finish!

Knowing the Person
The possibilities for farewell gifts are endless. And truth be told, they all depend on the type of person the recipient is. Farewell corporate gifts provide the most perfect opportunities for more ‘casual’, fun and comical gifts. They are really all about knowing the person and, if they’ve been around for a while, this shouldn’t be too tricky. Don’t rack your brain trying to be extravagant or trying to find the ‘perfect’ gift. At the end of the day, the perfect gift is the one that is a reflection of its recipient’s personality, and these gifts are usually small and unexpected. So when you’re thinking of the ultimate farewell gift, you needn’t look far. You need only look at the person it’s for.


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