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Nine Corporate Gift Ideas for Women

Posted on 11 May 2020 in Corporate Gifts

Every woman loves a good gift, even if that’s a corporate gift. Whether she’s a client, executive or an employee, you might find it a little tricky to come up with corporate gift ideas for lady. How expensive should it be? Is perfume appropriate? (It’s not). When is the right opportunity to give her a corporate gift? How big should it be? These are some of the questions you may be poring over. Don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with the best corporate gift ideas for women and, as a bonus, we’ve included the perfect occasions for them!

Flowering Plants
This of a flowering plant as the corporate version of a big bouquet of flowers. It is a fantastic way to add warmth, life and beauty to any environment she places it in. Plant gifts are extremely meaningful in that they are interactive; they are long-lasting and need to be nurtured. This kind of corporate gift can be sent as a Mother’s Day gift to clients and employees, or during a significant business milestone the recipient is involved in. Include a small card with a personal message on it and you’re good to go! “What kind of plant?” you ask. Try orchids, African violets or peace lilies!

Self-care Kits
Most people love to be pampered. And let’s face it, pampering gifts have come to be considered more feminine than masculine. A self-care kit is a gift that keeps on giving. Fill a beautiful box with bath and body goodies, tea and coffee blends, sweet treats, wine or other indulgences that can be part of her self-care routine. One of the biggest benefits of a kit that’s done right is that it can last for more than one use, and be a constant reminder of the company that appreciates her. Self-care kits are a great corporate gift idea for Women’s Day.

Spa Days
Gifts don’t always have to be the kind that are passed from hand to hand. Treat female employees to a day at the spa, with a package that might include massages, facials and manicures. No matter how small the session, it is sure to be an experience she won’t forget any time soon. A spa day is also a way to take the stress off the shoulders of some of your hardest working employees. It is proof that their hard work has not gone unnoticed.

Tech Accessories
Every power woman owns a set of tech and gadgets that help her in being the professional she is. And just because they’re work-related, doesn’t mean the gadgets can’t look stylish. Let her be proud to carry her laptop, tablet and phone around by gifting her an accessory. Nowadays, phone covers, laptop bags and tablet sleeves boast envious designs that take tech from basic to brilliant! Gift her a laptop sleeve with her name on it, for instance, or a phone cover with a design fit for a boss lady.

Scented candles
The idea sounds underwhelming, but many ‘high-end’ scented candles have the potential to make fabulous gifts. Go for a common scent that has little potential to be an irritant (vanilla is a safe bet), but also look for candles with unique elements like stunning packaging, opportunities for personalization, and unexpected shapes and materials. Candles are soothing and make a perfect appreciation gift for women.

Help her stay organized and on top of things with a stylish notebook. Since this is quite a simple gift, it’s all in the appearance. Opt for sleek, elegant designs, which are timeless and always appropriate for a professional woman. If the notebook is accompanied by a matching pen, or another form of stationery like a desk calendar, pen holder or smaller notepad, then that’s even better! Notebooks and diaries are better suited as a New Year’s gift idea.

Gourmet baked goods
Sweet treats are generally a good idea for most gifts. But when it comes to corporate gifts, you might want something a little more creative and impressive. When thinking of gourmet goodies, try to find those that are artisanal and not very common. It is particularly delightful to eat something that you generally can’t find at your local grocer, so wow a special working woman with uncommon baked treats. Some good ideas are brownies, cupcakes and cake pops. As always, packaging is key. A stunning keepsake box will undeniably take this gift to the next level.

Travel mugs and novelty mugs
For a woman on the grind, travel mugs and novelty mugs are somehow just a part of the persona. From that morning coffee fix she just can’t live without, to afternoon tea, her favorite mug will always be her side-kick. We’ve all seen it in the movies: modern career woman rushes through the city with a cup of some hot beverage in hand. With the existence and reinvention of that character every now and again, it’s safe to say that a gift that’ll hold her drink of choice is one that she’ll cherish for a very long time. Mugs make wonderful gifts for occasions like Christmas, Mother’s Day and, if she’s an executive, Boss’s Day.

Sophisticated glassware
Glassware is no longer simply about drinking. It’s often a part of a home’s interior décor. Fine glassware ideas include iridescent champagne glasses, crystal-like tumblers, and dainty shot glasses in unexpected shapes. Add to the sophistication of her home by gifting her some glassware that she will treasure. This is an appropriate corporate gift for personal milestones in a woman’s life, like weddings or a new home.

Thinking of the perfect corporate gift for a woman in your company doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Contrary to popular belief, women aren’t that hard to please! It’s as simple as finding a quality, life-improving gift that is beautifully presented and pleasing to the eye. Everything outside of that is a matter of preference. With these stunning gift ideas for executives, clients, colleagues and employees, you’ll never go wrong in your corporate gifting efforts!


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