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The Best Corporate Gifts for Your Boss

Posted on 11 May 2020 in Corporate Gifts

You may be looking for a corporate gift idea because it’s time for the annual year-end function, or simply because your boss has supported your growth (along with the rest of the team’s) so much that you can’t help but spoil them. It might be their birthday, or time for a ‘welcome back’ gift after they’ve been on a month-long vacation. Whatever it is, gifting your boss is never a bad idea.

But they are your boss after all, and it’s natural to want the gift to be impressive and something that they will love. If you’ve been tasked with coming up with some gift ideas for your boss and you need a little advice on what to get them, here are a few tips on finding the best corporate gifts.

Don’t be cheap
There is nothing worse than a gift that falls apart after a month or two. And, whether you realize it or not, it’s really easy to tell when something isn’t great quality. If you’re going to make an attempt at surprising your boss with something special, it’s worth making sure that the corporate gift you get for them is not the cheapest option. A great rule to follow is quality over quantity or size. Rather a small, high-quality token, than a large and flimsy one.

Make sure it’s appropriate for the occasion
Unless your boss is a pen enthusiast, it makes little sense to gift them a pen for their birthday. A good corporate gift is thoughtful and occasion-specific. While some gifts are generic enough to work for several events and occasions, it’s always great to make the gift as personal as possible.

Don’t brand the gift
There is a time and a place for branded corporate gifts, like when you’ve just acquired a new client and you’d like to make them feel right at home within your business. Or when you’ve had a loyal customer for two years and you want to send them a thank you gift. Notice, however, that none of these gifting scenarios involve your boss as the recipient. Keep their gift friendly and personal and avoid any company-related memorabilia. Chances are, the company is already on their mind most of the time!

Customize and personalize
Sure, you could go to a gift store and choose a pre-packed, generic gift the day you have to give it to your boss. But that’s not how gifting should work. Gifting is meant to be personal and meaningful. So, ask yourself, “What does my boss like?”

Is there a specific brand of coffee that they just can’t live without? Get them a jar of it with a personal message and some other treats. Have you often seen them browsing online for something while casually mentioning how much they want it? Place an order and have it delivered to their desk! Or, has it been a while since they last took a day off? Book a spa day for them and they’ll come back an even better boss! If you know your boss well enough, you can easily choose a gift that they’ll be happy with.

Treats are always a good idea
Few people can resist an edible treat, and most people have favorites. If you know what your boss likes to snack on, then a box or basket of their favorite goodies is a gift that can’t go wrong. And when it comes to corporate gifting, presentation is half of what makes it worthwhile, so make sure the gift is beautifully packaged to make it as pleasing to the eye as it is to the heart.



Gift ideas for your boss
Now that you have an idea of the best practices when it comes to coming up with a gift idea for your boss, you might be in need of a few practical ideas to get you started. Depending on what kind of person your boss is, the following gifts may tickle their fancy.

Personalized stationery
Stationery has provided numerous popular corporate gift ideas for years, but adding a personal touch to a diary or a pen makes all the difference. Your boss’s name, embossed in gold foiling on the cover of a diary, is the difference between a cliché gift that lacks creativity and a sophisticated item that they will cherish. Personalized gifts make beautiful alternatives to the usual corporate gifts, as they can be made unique with names, dates, messages and other significant details.

Fine alcohol
If your boss is a wine connoisseur or a lover of whiskey, a bottle of the finest alcohol will delight them. Do a little research and take your time choosing a bottle that is rare, distinguished and loved by many. As the icing on the cake, present the bottle in an elegant box that doubles as a keepsake!

A book they’ve always wanted to read
Add to their extensive reading collection with a new release, or the latest edition of a book that they already love. While this may not seem like the most exciting gifting choice, a boss who is a bookworm will enjoy it for years to come.

A plant
This is only for the boss with a green thumb or a fervently-expressed love for gardening. Skip the basic desk succulent (although, that’s not a bad idea either) and opt for a plant that they can take home and nurture to their heart’s content. A bonsai will bring them joy and beauty for many years, while a monstera is an easier, fast-growing alternative.

Key takeaways
Like any other sort of gifting, corporate gifting is meant to be personal. Don’t send your boss a gift that lacks careful consideration; they’ll see right through you! Express your appreciation and admiration of their leadership with a gift that is true to their taste and personality. Finding the right gift for your boss doesn’t have to be difficult at all. You just have to pay attention to what they like.


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