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The Perfect Occasions for Corporate Gifts

Posted on 11 May 2020 in Occasions,Corporate Gifts

You may be new to the world of corporate or business gifts, and wondering what opportunities you might have to give or even receive them. Or you may be thinking of placing orders for a few business gifts, but aren’t sure if the occasion even calls for one. As with other forms of gifting, there are appropriate times to give and, more importantly, appropriate things to give.  While it would be great to send a corporate gift for no reason at all, they tend to be a lot more meaningful when they’re part of a larger context. Here are the perfect opportunities and events to give corporate gifts to clients, employees and business partners!

For employees
Gifts for employees are a great way to improve workplace culture and job satisfaction. Treat individual employees or entire teams on the following occasions:

A hardworking employee will, of course, be absolutely delighted to attain that promotion they’ve been working towards. Sending a corporate gift to congratulate them will be the cherry on top. Whether the gift is given at a formal event for the celebration of their growth and progress, or simply on another day at the office, it is a way of showing that you support their new position and are always rooting for them. Start their new chapter off with something small but significant, like a plaque engraved with their new job title, a small gift basket filled with sweet and savory treats or even a ……

Team building events
Team building events are a chance to gift the entire team, not just a single employee. Depending on the kind of team building activity, these corporate gifts can be the same for each team member, or tailored to each individual. When thinking about bulk corporate gifting, you may be concerned about budget. Many gifting companies, however, offer discounts for bulk corporate gifts.

Consider gifts that are appropriate across age, gender and interest. Useful gadgets like portable phone chargers (power banks) or personalized USB flash drives work well.

Awards evenings
Awards evenings and formal company dinners are also a wonderful opportunity for bulk corporate gifts. These can be given as part of welcome bags that are either given to guests upon entry, or placed at the seats as part of their table setting. Corporate gifts at formal events are also a good chance to include a thankful note, and something that employees can use at the office.

Year-end functions or Christmas parties
If your company is prone to throwing an annual year-end soiree, this is the perfect chance to thank everyone who contributed to the year’s success. As with awards evenings and formal dinners, these corporate gifts can be ordered in bulk to reduce costs, and should also be appropriate for all ages, genders and personalities.

For clients
They’re arguably the biggest part of your business. Gifting clients can strengthen relationships, provide passive marketing and make clients feel appreciated. Here are some occasions and events that are perfect for corporate gifting:

New client
Show new clients that you’re happy to have them on board with a welcome package of sorts. Corporate gifts for new clients don’t have to be extravagant, they just need to sincerely communicate your gratitude for the client’s business. This first gift is the perfect opportunity to reassure them that they’re in good and capable hands. Consider a branded gift like a mug with the company logo on it, as a small but constant way to keep your brand top-of-mind. This subtle form of marketing is more powerful than you think!

Sending a birthday gift to a client is not uncommon at all. It is a simple and effective way to create a more personal client-business relationship. These kinds of corporate gifts don’t have to be big at all, and can include a hand-written note to add an even more personal touch. Opt for small but significant gifts like gourmet chocolates, a personalized travel mug, or a bottle of fine wine.

Celebrate special milestones like weddings or engagements with clients that you are close to. For these occasions, go for a gift that the couple can enjoy together, as opposed to an individual gift just for the client. A pair of custom matching wine glasses, with their shared last name on it, for instance, will make them feel special. Gifts for the new home they will share together are always a hit!



New year
Remind them that you’re excited to have them as a client for yet another year. New Year’s corporate gifts can be calendars with company branding on them, as you know by now, is a sneaky way to market your brand passively. Other fantastic New Year’s gifts include champagne with an ice bucket (it is a celebration after all), stationery and, since most people are in the spirit of reform at the beginning of the year, inspirational books.

For business partners
Strategic partnerships are a great source of business growth and, as such, they should be valued. It’s no surprise, then, that these partnerships provide ample opportunity to send gifts of appreciation.

If you and your partners have been poring over endless piles of paperwork, and negotiating for months on a project that has kept you up at night, it only makes sense to celebrate the milestones of that project. Thank your business partners for making it possible to reach goals and targets, by sending custom gift boxes, based on their interests. From golf balls and whiskey, to coffee and cigars, there are numerous celebratory gifts to send after a massive business milestone.

New partnership
Welcome a new partner to the team and lay the foundation for your relationship with a corporate gift. Keep it as personal as possible by adding a hand-written note and, if possible, deliver the gift in person rather than having a gift delivery service do it. Treat this gift as a celebration.

Personal Milestones
As with clients, it is a good idea to congratulate a business partner on some personal milestones, too. 30th birthday coming up? Have they just welcomed a new baby to the world? Or did their business just turn 10 years old? Pay attention to the happy things that happen in their life and you’ll have more than enough chances to delight them with a gift!


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